Deeside Photographic Society

Competition Galleries 2018-2019


(20) Lime hawk moth Paula Potter (18) Thunder in the loop Codey Froggat (19) Osprey with trout Vince Froggat (19) Sunset on the lamb Dave Jones (18 ) Llandudno pier Kelvin Webb (19) A propelling view Cody Froggatt (18) Cauldron force photographer Vince Froggatt (18 )Phillipine spotted deer Kelvin Webb (20) Rose R I Ken Lester (19) Peach rose Paula Potter


(18) Urban Astronaut Ken Croston (18) Talacre Sunset Brian Mann (20) The Doorman Ken Lester (18) Evening light at Llanddwynn Ken Lester (20) Illusion Margaret Jones (20) Stoking the fire Ken Lester (19) Iceboy Brian Bishop (18) Sparrowhawk with fresh kill Alex Strong (18) Lips and lashes Brian Bishop (19) Ken in the moon Brian Bishop (20) Scribe at work Dave Jones (19) Punks not dead Ken Lester (18 ) Number 60 Kelvin Webb (20) Boats in the mist Anne McDonald (18) Flying squirrel Tony Grubb (19) Rhino Ken Lester ((19) Head in the news Ken Lester


(19) That's close enough Ken Lester (20) Look at me Ken Lester (18) American Beautyberry Paula Potter ((18) Standing out from the crowd Paula Potter (19) Fly fishing Brian Mann (18) Sunset Glenys Cooper (18) Autumn leaves Bri Bishop (19) The maker Ralph Pinch (19) Lord of the north Ralph Pinch (20) Where's the number 10 Ken Lester (18) Whacky races Ken Lester (18) Team raven Brian Mann (20) A relaxing read Vince Froggatt (19) Autumn at Tarn Hows Christine Webb (20) Lake with a view Kelvin Webb (20) On yer bike Ken Croston


(19) Home with the catch AE Jones (19) Kings College chapel AE Jones (19) Peacock tree frog Paula Potter (18) So I said AE Jones (19) Dipping his wick Ken Croston (18) Goth girl Brian Bishop (18) Man in the middle Ken Croston (18) Asian otter Paula Potter (19) Health home and beauty Brian Bishop (18) Sidecar racing Tony Grubb


(18) Sleeping Green Tree Python Kelvin Webb (19) The Wise One Ken Lester (20) Fallow Deer Paula Potter (19) Head Above the Rest Tony Grubb (19) Conway Castle Paula Potter (20) Ginger the Amazon Milk Frog Paula Potter (18) One More Dougnut I'm On Holiday Ken Lester (18) Barn Owl Dave Jones (19) Chatting in the Rain Ken Lester (20) AIR BOURNE  Ken Lester (19) The Storm has Passed  Ken Lester (18) Incoming Tide Kelvin Webb (18) Eggstreme Ralph Pinch (19) Hallows eve Ralph Pinch (18) Sisterhood Ralph Pinch (19) Storm Breaker Brian Mann


(20) Breakfast still life Dave Jones (18) Getting back on the course Tony Grubb (18) Frodsham bridge Brian Bishop (19) The bride sepia Dave Jones (18) Hitch Ralph Pinch (19) Monarch butterfly Paula Potter (18) Three lookouts Margaret Jones (20) Llyn-y-Dywerchian ultra panorama Dave Jones (18) Crepuscular rays on the grand canyon Paula Potter (19) Brassed off Brian Bishop (19) Misty morning Brian Mann (20) Panther Chameleo Paula Potter (18) Ancient Roman bridge Dave Jones


(1) Plas Power waterfall Brian Mann (2) Frosty morning Tony Grubb (3) Halloween Brian Bishop (1) Diwali Ken Croston 2) Whitsun at Saddleworth Ken Croston (3) Halloween Ken Croston